Alaska Salmon Fishing

Salmon Fishing


2015 was a huge success for Salmon, it was the first season we fished salmon (commercially) in 29 years, and we did extremely well, getting limits on most trips, sometimes limits on several species such as Silvers/Kings at the same time, I believe we got the biggest king this season at 45 lb, at least the biggest we know of in Seldovia (in 2015) so we were happy with our rookie year commercially, we have Kings to start next season and we will be all over them, we enjoy catching Salmon as much as Halibut.

2016 was not the greatest year industry wide for salmon....however we bagged some beautiful salmon, however the Silvers did not show in force like 2015, but thats good news for 2017 as history will show when a salmon run is slow one year the next is usualy stellar. We think 2017 may be a great oppertunity to bag a trophy salmon.


We offer trolling packages for salmon priced the same as our Halibut packages.

Salmon fishing in Seldovia is some of the world's best salmon fishing, in fact Seldovia was once Alaska's main fishing port before the earthquake in 1964 that destroyed our waterfront and all the canneries, The canneries were rebuilt in Homer due to the new road linking it to Anchorage and the world markets for the fish.

The salmon however never knew there was an earthquake and continue to come back every year as they make their runs up the Cook Inlet, so we get the first shot at the runs in Seldovia, some Kings make their way into the Seldovia Slough, but these are hatchery fish released a few years before coming back, but not spawning, so they show up in perfect condition, and can be caught right from the shore within a 5 min walk from our lodge/B&B.

Great Salmon fishing is just outside Seldovia Bay, in fact during the season most boats travel the hour boat ride from Homer to get their limits just a short ways from Seldovia Bay.

The Peggy "N" Me has new Cannon electric down riggers and Daiwa line counter reels on Daiwa DXT 1062 MHF 10'6" rods, a well balance combo using Power pro 50Lb braided line.