Explore our 2023 Seldovia Adventures

This is where we recognize the sweat and tears of those who bring in halibut 50#+ Halibut and other Monsters of the Sea!

To get our salty sea legs ready for this summer we had a blast taking our friend Patrick and his son Henley out in early May.  They got a beautiful white king and Henley got to be inducted in the Big But' Club and be the first to hang on the 2023 Wall of Fame with his 60# Halibut!

We are so excited to have our neighbor Jared Patterson take on the role of Village Police officer in town this week! to Celebrate he had two of his friends, Jack & Leo come up to stay with us from Wyoming.  We had to get them out in the water and between a quick evening bite and a full day adventure they slayed it!! Full boat of But's each day and the first river run Kings of the year! 17# and 18# so they joined the Wall of Fame as King of Kings!