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This is where we recognize the sweat and tears of those who bring in halibut 50#+ Halibut and other Monsters of the Sea!
The original owner Dave loves pickleball and his partner from Idaho wanted to come for a late season trip to experience what his friend had created years ago in Alaska!  We hosted the Sykes along with Chris's mom for some epic days on the water in late September and delicious local eats!

Chris's mom came up from WA to visit and get some good fishing in...we let the crazy Ace come...it's his favorite to come on the boat and he was a good luck charm!

Our friends bringing their friends for trips!

A little and a lot of everything!

Nancy's Crew-Salmon Slayers!

Ashley was excited to have one of her skating students come up for a visit to go on his first fishing trip!  Ashley watched Gabe grow up from 8 years old  and now at 18 he came to see what his coaches other job is and caught a wall of fame 'but at 70#! A fabulous couple from Palmer were on the boat too and Chip brought in a wall of fame 'but at 52#!

3 days of sunshine and two groups both brought to Seldovia by a member that had visited 15-20 years ago and had a calling to come back! John brought his buddies Homer and Darell from WI and Tim brought his family from New Hampshire and Hawaii!  They reminisced about their days years ago at the Linwood and around the docks and made new memories full of fishy adventure!

It was the 5th and final day for Ralph and Deb on the water and John & Julie were stoked to come all the way from WI to get their Alaska fill!  Limits of Halibut, cod, rainbows and Butcakes benedict filled the menu.  Ralph was also determined to make his halibut weigh more than Deb's Wall of Famer from the previous day!

Ralph and Deb went on day 4 and Deb was sooo excited to reel in a Big But's Club level fish!! 72#

We weren't able to fit in Christine and Chad for a halibut day, but they came out for a great time and we go into the SALMON!! Big Bass and full fish boxes!

Ralph & Deb came back this year to fish a whole 5 epic days and two of them they shared the boat with Ashley's Aunt Becky & Uncle Rick who came up from WA state to celebrate their 50th Wedding anniversary...which they share with Ashley & Chris who celebrated their 5th.  There was big But's, yellow eye and a boat load of bass and salmon caught.  The laughter and smiles filled the boat and the B&B as we shared a great time! Ralph as always came with some heartfelt gifts that we will treasure:)

John and Julie came all the way from North Dakota for their Alaska Adventure and Jaclyn came back for another round with us this year!  They found the Kings and got a nice average size on Halibut:)

Last year Don & Mike came up from southern CA and fished with us. When they left they said they would be back with the kids(grandkids). And they did!! All three generations of family came up for an epic weekend.  They were able to run south their first day and get halibut and Kings to put them on the Wall of Fame!

Alisha planned this epic once in a lifetime trip for her and her friends well in advance and when the halibut regulations came out and they couldn't fish on the Tuesday they had booked...their dreams were crushed of getting that epic Alaska Halibut:(  BUT we pulled some strings and got them over on a Monday with the amazing Mako's water taxi...picked them up at Jakolof Bay and after a quick stop to drop off bags at the B&B they were on the boat around 9am!!! Kelcie was celebrating her birthday and reeled up a doosie of a halibut along with the the whole crew filling the boat with EVERYTHING!  The long day was followed by a fun celebrations with CAKE!

It's such a treat when we have our family and friends come up to let us be their adventure! Ron has known captain Chris since he was a baby and was big part of his love for the sea and fishing.  The house was full of laughs, the boat was filled with fish and we got a handful of new members in the BIG BUT' CLUB!

With a crew from Alaska, Wisconsin and Spain this non-halibut day was a success!  Sunshine and limits of Kings filled the day:)

Our friends came over from the peninsula with their kids (grownup) and made to down to get the BIG Gold fish and everything else!!  The boat took a hit in the fog with a log, but the fishing was fabulous!

The weather was fabulous and the crew felt great!  Down south they went on a non-halibut day and brought back yellow eye, sea bass, salmon and nice Lingcod including a 47# by Amanda, the first Ding-a-Ling on the wall of fame!!

Our two multi day crews from WA & ID got into the halibut and reluctantly brought up some big skates.  Thank goodness for electric Reels!

The average size was nice today for the halibut! Ike even broke 50# and joined the Big But' Club! Carolyn & Dale also got to fill their freezers with their last minute trip they tacked onto their retirement Alaska Advetnure!

Ike & Isaac joined us this year as a referral from Isaac's co-worker in WA who has now stayed with us twice!  They fished 3 days and started it off with a Bang, rain and all...Halibut & Cod!

Mike & Zach came back for round 2 in 2023 with us!! Zach killed it this year reeling up the current record for the Northern Goose with a 26# Halibut! YAHOO!! Chris & Shena also made a killing adding to the meat haul!

The original owner of SFA and Captain Chris headed out for day off of fishing of course! Southbound and down!!!

This crew does an annual fishing trip together and was so excited to find out we had room to fit them in last minute!  The weather didn't play nice, but there was good food, good times and a boat full of fish caught!  Kirsten even got herself on the Wall of Fame as a King of Kings with a fabulous 20# Chinook!

Nicole, last years Chinook Challenge winner and her husband Jake came back for round two with SFA! This time they brought their friends Meghan & Kyle and some killer beef T-bones and ribeye's from their families ranch in Montana...YUM!! We ate like kings...steak, dungeons crab bread, halibut Hawaiian mac salad and nummy veggies!!! Oh and Kyle and Megan got 2nd & 3rd in the Derby too!

The water was flat and the day was fabulous when Nick and Cody bought out the whole boat and Ashley got to go along for the fun! Southbound long run and into the FUN! Big Buts and GIANT Yellow Eye! Cody and Nick were a first class crew bringing fun times and smiles all day! They even were the local heroes helping Frankie land two Kings at the Seldovia Bridge...one that an Eagle stole!

Ron came out again, this time to search for halibut and managed to catch an 83# to put him at the top of the leader board for the Wall of Fame Halibut and Kings now!! Cambria and Marty had a ball getting to see first hand what captain Chris does and everyone got an amazing whale show!!

The Delamater crew came all the way from Arkansas and had an amazing time glamping out at Between Beaches and fishing in the salt water!

Ron and Ken came back for round two this year and Ron got himself a beauty of a king weighing in at 20.25# that got him first place in the Chinook Challenge Derby! We have caught the winning now two years in a row!

Gary and & Angelo had two of their three days on the water with some rough weather...wind that wasn't playing nice, but they had some great company each trip!  Twila & Alan worked with them to bring in the halibut and the next day Ruby our fill in Seldovia Post Master got the pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow with Gary...2 Beautiful Kings!

Brother & Sister team made it on the wall of fame!! The Friesma family had an amazing day on the water and got to experience the magic of Seldovia where their mom Annie spent her first 7 years as a kid growing up!

This was our first non-halibut Tuesday of the season and Tim, Desiree, Les and Carla found the KINGS!

The Beats Family made sure no fish went uncaught or unkissed!  The twin 3 year old young ladies were masters of the boat according to Captain Chris.  They were work the gear in no time, putting our their own lines and reeling up their fish!

Uncle Jack was a co-owner with Captain Chris and his first own ocean vessel! He loves seeing where that venture has taken us and we love having he and is crew up for the adventure! This time it was full of 'buts and good tunes on the water front as the Seldovia Arts Council hosted it annual Summer Solstice Music Festival outside for the first time! (And the Sun came out!!)

We love when we get to take our neighbors out to fill their freezers and it's even better when they get on the "Wall of Fame."  

Two days of fish slaying in the books for Tammy and her crew who ventured up to Seldovia for an adventure!  

The Wickersham family made their way to Alaska from Texas for a fishing adventure! They had a stellar crew with Captain Chris at the helm and the founder of Seldovia Fishing Adventures Dave Cloninger as deck hand! Everything is bigger in Texas, but they found that the BIG state of Alaska has the BIG But's and Jeresha & Nash tag teamed this 50# halibut to the boat and joined the Big But's club!

The weather was beautiful and the day couldn't have been any better!~ Mo & Nicole had booked to fish with us last September and due to unforeseen circumstances had to reschedule to 2023. Mike and Omar jumped on the boat last September last minute and came back all the way from Florida and Columbia South America!! Omar became a 2 time wall of Famer in the BIG but' Club with a 70# halibut and Mo joined this club with his 52# pounder.  They filled the boxes in the sunshine with big but's and stunning Yellow Eye...YUM!!

After college Summer moved up to AK and started an annual tradition to have her dad up for an ocean fishing trip.  They have been going out of Homer for about 7 years and this year they decided to do a Homer trip and then take the trek across to stay with us in Seldovia!  

Lindy and Lowden have been coming to Seldovia on Memorial Day weekend for 14 years and last year they were our VERY FIRST CHARTER!  They booked the same day this year and Lindy brought her friend from Kindergarten Andee to join the fun!  They had a killer day on the water, Kings, halibut and cod.  Lowden brought gloves this year so he was ready to hold his fish for pictures and Andee left her mark on Seldovia as she is on the Wall of Fame as a "King of Kings" for her 20#  chinook salmon!

The river kings are in and locals Melody and Wade made it out to slay some with visitors Valerie and Wes! Melody has lived in Alaska for YEARS and had never gone out fishing.  Let's just say she got hooked;)
We are so excited to have our neighbor Jared Patterson take on the role of Village Police officer in town this week! to Celebrate he had two of his friends, Jack & Leo come up to stay with us from Wyoming.  We had to get them out in the water and between a quick evening bite and a full day adventure they slayed it!! Full boat of But's each day and the first river run Kings of the year! 17# and 18# so they joined the Wall of Fame as King of Kings!

To get our salty sea legs ready for this summer we had a blast taking our friend Patrick and his son Henley out in early May.  They got a beautiful white king and Henley got to be inducted in the Big But' Club and be the first to hang on the 2023 Wall of Fame with his 60# Halibut!

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