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Fishing in Seldovia

When you’re looking at all-inclusive fishing vacations to Alaska, make sure Seldovia Fishing Adventures and Bed and Breakfast is at the top of your list.

You will end up with more than just a fishing trip as you explore what we consider the most beautiful place on earth!


Seldovia’s claim to fame when it comes to fishing is its halibut prospects! Many anglers choose Seldovia for charter fishing in Alaska specifically to reel in a trophy halibut. In fact, the rich history of our town was even built on halibut fishing.

We know all of the best local destinations to drop a lure and will help you land a halibut that’s worth the adventure.

2024 Regulations:

  • 2per person per day
    • 1 Any size
    • 1 28" or smaller
  • No Retention on Wednesdays


Seldovia boasts all five species of Pacific salmon and is a top-notch fishing destination during the spawning season. Pink salmon are the most prevalent, followed by silver and chum salmon.

King salmon are also abundant at the right time of the year and you might just find yourself reeling in a catch that’s twelve to twenty pounds!

2024 Regulations:

  • 6per person per day TOTAL
  • King/Chinook Salmon (20" or longer)
    • 1per person per day 05/01-08/15
    • 2per person per day starting 8/16
    • Annual limit of 5per personal April-August
  • Silver/Coho Salmon 
    • 3per person per day
  • Pink Salmon & Chum
    • No limit on how many make up the 6 salmon per person per day

Yellow Eye

Think you’ve got what it takes to reel in a fighter? Yelloweye rockfish will make you prove your worth when it comes to boating them, but when you do they’re a sight to behold!

Vibrant color and impressive size make these fish a prized catch—and we know exactly where you’ll have the best shot at reeling one in.

2024 Regulations:

  • 1per person per day
  • Counts towards 3 Rockfish per Day limit


Cod are so abundant in our area that you could catch them right off the dock! Don’t worry though—we’ll take you out into deeper waters and help you reel in a true prized catch. And, if you do boat a cod, we’ve got more than a few great recipes we can share with you! The locals know the secret that hands down Cod is the BEST for fish fry!

2024 Regulations:

NO Limits!

Black Rockfish (Seabass)

Want some fun action?!  Drop your jig down over a school of these and the fun begins!  They love to hang out around rocky structure and are a great addition to the fish box.  Their white meat is flaky and delicious!
2024 Regulations:
  • 3per person per day


Want to reel up the monsters of the deep? After July1st  the season begins! Lingcod may look scary, but they taste amazing! Don't be fooled as they peel your line and show you their teeth, inside they are a delicate and delicious white meat that is Captain Chris & Ashley's favorite!

2024 Regulations:
  • Retention Opens July 1st
  • 1per person per day

Join us for a Fishing Charter 

Step aboard our boat and hook yourself to one of Seldovia’s prize halibuts! We’ll give you everything you need to reel in a keeper and enjoy every second of your time out on the water.

The cost of our charter-only package $380 per person* and include all fishing gear, bait, and electric reels. Loaner rain gear and boots if needed. Lunch, water and soda also provided! There isn’t a better way to spend your day!

*Plus 9.5% sales tax and a fuel surcharge of cost over $4 per gallon used.

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