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This is where we recognize the sweat and tears of those who bring in halibut 50#+ Halibut and other Monsters of the Sea!

Joaquin spent his summer proxy fishing for elders on the slough in Seldovia.  We saw him down at the dock filleting his kings almost everyday!  When his grandma told us he had never been halibut fishing or even fishing on a boat that he could remember we were so excited to get him out!  Jon Sr. came out with with us earlier in the summer with some friends, but was so busy this summer running his restaurant Jack & Aivas's that he needed to get some more halibut in his freezer too!  So a late season halibut trip for the hard working locals was planned~ Joaquin caught his first halibut, a beautiful 15# King that made him smile ear to ear and Jon Sr caught the 2nd largest wall of famer for 2022 at 72 #!

First Mate Ashley's family spent much of their younger years coming up to Alaska to work for the summers in canneries and as tour guides.  They were so excited to come and see the work she and Captain Chris are now doing!  Ashley's mom got her first salmon and everyone's freezers are now full!

Mike a Seldovia summer resident sent his daughter on a trip earlier this summer when we only had room for her and her boyfriend.  He was super excited to hear we were still fishing in September and we took him and his friend Omar out for a killer day!  Omar brought back this 57# halibut and joined the Big But' Club!!
The leaves may be turning, but the sun is still shining and we are still catching boat loads of fish and delivering fabulous smiles!!

Jaclyn and he family came to Seldovia for a family fun get away!  It was a great time to relax and fill the freezer!

Local business owner Jon Kennedy was excited to get his longtime friends out fishing in Seldovia when they came to Alaska on their cruise.

The sun was shining, but at first the fish were not biting! However, Rachel's smile says it all...once it was on it was turned on!

We had so much hosting families from all over the country this summer, so it was about time we shared fabulous Seldovia with our family!  Captain Chris's mom Kerri, her boyfriend Wayne and Uncle Jack came up from WA for an amazing stay at the House on the Rock and a few days of epic fishing! Jack got onto the wall of fame in the Big But' Club and we found our 2nd Unicorn this summer out in Cook Inlet!

We love when becoming a tradition for families and this trip was a special one!  Robert fished and stayed with the original owners Dave and Peggy almost 21 years ago to the day.  He got himself on the wall of fame in 1991 and his kids loved seeing his polaroid we found on the wall in our loft.  They made amazing memories and we hope to continue to be an ongoing fishing tradition!

Red & Sandy didn't get their fill when they came earlier this summer and were reeled into another trip after seeing Captain Chris's late summer hauls of salmon! Kings, Cohos and some beautiful bass covered the deck!

We had a whole week of some amazing people that shared the B&B and the boat as their trips overlapped!  We all made new friends, shared good time, good food and had lots of laughs!  They kept us working hard bringing in quite the haul each day!  The Silvers have started to come in thick, the kings are still here and the halibut are still coming in limits to the boat!

These happy faces had a killer time out on the Alaskan waters filling their freezers!  Ella Mae found herself a new LOVE...Fishing!  She couldn't stop talking about how fun it was and they were so excited to cook up their catch that night!

The William's family is crazy fun!  They fished up a storm and brought back a HAUL!! Laughs, Cheers and memories for years 

The Ioli Crew hit it big time filling the fish box and even wanted to assist in the processing!~ The best food is that you harvest and see from sea to table!

Fish everywhere!  These kids had the trip of a lifetime as they stepped foot aboard their first ocean fishing adventure!! Halibut, salmon and sooo much fun!!

Steve has 5 grandkids and decided that when they each turn 15 they get to pick a bucket list adventure to take with him! Colin is the first to get to take him up on this and "Salmon fishing in Alaska" was his choice! So the they journey up from Wyoming and joined owner Ashley and her fishy friend Ciara from Montana for an epic first time ocean fishing trip!! Not only did Colin get to catch his first salmon and halibut, but we got to serve him his first taste of them both as well!!

Mike & Nick had fished with SFA previously and were ready to come back to fish some more!  This Wall of Famer was just one of the many highlights of their trip which was the start to a new summer tradition!

We met Peter fishing back in WA state a few years back and were excited for him to come check out our new venture!  He brought his GF Nicole, her mom and her mom's boyfriend.  They had a few amazing days on the Alaska waters, bringing in everything in the sea including octopus!  We also got some lines in the water right out front of the house of the Zodiac and Kayak ad brought in some meat!  Fun, Feasts and Forever memories were enjoyed this trip!

These two couples brought their "A" game and had an epic time bringing in two Wall of Famers! Jane and Mike joined the Big But' club and Steve & Beth were close behind!  The haul was great and the time spent meeting these folks was even better!

The Faulk Family came to Seldovia for some super fishy fun!  Some of their crew stayed with us and others crashed at their lake house.  We had two days slated to fish different crew members and weather only allowed us one:(  However, everyone got to fish since they had a friend running a second boat the day mother nature let us on the water.  It was a great day!! The salmon came to play and filled the freezers with red meat!

Jasmine is an Anchorage local whom is friends of one of Ashley's good friends that needed a last minute adventure when their other plans got weathered out. They didn't let a little rain ruin their parade.  From catching a boat load of fish to an evening dip in the salt water it was a successful save of their vacation! 

Penciled in for 5 days of fishing, we had to make our first call of the year due to weather to not go out:(  Each day just got better from there!  All the way from Utah Deb, Ralph, Marty and Steve brought the party to the Seldovia!  They were able to get into everything and take almost 400#s of fish home!!

This crew of guys from Cali were able to get away from their corporate work together and work together to bring some amazing hauls 4 days in a row!!! The weather allowed us to get South and get into some lings and yelloweye!  They got loads of halibut, cod and kings too!

East coast grown with Alaska fever!  The Dave's and their wives Colleen & Allison braved the nasty seas to bring in these shiny beauties!  We had many laughs and stories shared on the boat and at the B&B.  Ace fell in love with these guys and decided they were a cool crew too!

Joel & Michaela had a halibut trip scheduled to celebrate their anniversary, but also wanted to get some salmon for the freezer.  Paul came to stay at the B&B for the Seldovia Fly in with his wife Raifen, but they got delayed with weather coming from Anchorage and missed most of the festivities.  So we told mother nature she wasn't going to keep us off the water and Paul jumped on last minute to help fill the boat with a smorgasbord of salmon.  A couple nice kings, pinks for the smoker and the silvers have started to show their faces!

Let's start out by saying the trip with the Flippo Family was Flipping awesome!  Phillip is an amazing photographer that came down to Seldovia with his family from Wasilla to catch some great shots and also caught some awesome fish!  The skies were blue and the fish boxes were full. They loved it here so much that they are thinking of moving!  We sure would love to have them as out neighbors.
Nancy and her son Michael are Seldovia locals.  Nancy drove up our driveway the other day wanting to know about our charter. She said “I just really want to go get a King Salmon.” Well we got her on the boat and first thing in the morning Michael reeled up this beauty!

No Charters on Wednesdays for Halibut doesn't mean no fish!  These 3 slayed the salmon and brought back nothing but smiles and stories to tell!

Khrysten's Crew came in with FIRE!  The last day of the Chinook Challenge Derby and they filled the leader board!   Everyone onboard weighed in a king that made the board!! Nicole pushed Captain Chris out of first place with her 26#er, Khrysten popped into 4th, Nathan 6th & Jacob 8th! They also had a friendly side competition with Khrysten's husband captaining another vessel with friends that day....bad idea to tell Captain Chris it was for the most fish caught....the Northern Goose brought in 10 kings, 50 cod and a handful of halibut!  In total they went home with over 380# of fish to fill the freezers between the two!!!!

It's always fun when we have friends come to visit and we take a day off to prospect fish.  Captain Chris & Aaron are best friends....great minds think alike AND they apparently fish alike.  They both pulled in Wall of Fame fish-Twin 54#!

The Jackson family were in AK where Uriah grew up all the way from North Carolina and wanted to make fun memories on this trip!  Uriah had never been ocean   in all the years he spent here as a child and his wife and daughter had never been halibut fishing.  They changed that quickly and created some amazing Alaska memories to take back with them to the East coast.

This group of guys were a blast!  We usually max our trips at 4 people, but this was a special case.  They were booked when we took over and wanted to keep their original plans.  Even though it was a little tight on the boat, especially with the haul they brought in they killed it! These Eastern Washington boys tipped the scale with their haul. We celebrated with a fish fry enjoying some of that fresh caught cod!

There are people and experiences that stick with you forever and this trip was about giving back by creating some first time experiences for a couple kiddos! Ashley's first hockey coach Mandy brought her god kids, Makayla and Masen up from California for their FIRST fishing trip.  They brought in a haul of halibut and cod. Their mom Cindy even got herself on the wall of fame with a 52# catch!  By the end of the day they were running their own gear and ready to be captain Chris's deckhand.  Makayla stayed at the dock for the whole fillet processes helping out and even worked the line to vacuum seal her catch.  I think we may have started training some of our future crew!

Captain Chris can't stay off the water even on his days off.  He grabbed some friends who were visiting from Texas and they brought back a perfect pile of fish to test out the NEW fillet table from "Mike's Welding."  Chris also knocked himself out of 1st place for the derby with this 24.5# KING!

The Johnson family reached out last minute in hopes of being able to get out for a little fishing while in town. These guys from Utah, soaked in the sea air, brought smiles and hauled in the halibut during their short trip!

Captain Chris and Matt headed out on their day of to search for some derby winners. Chris put himself on the leaderboard with this 19.8# Beauty!

Tom & Nick some Alaska locals enjoyed a GREAT day on the water and it showed when they looked at their feet.  The deck was red and littered with fish!

What a great way to help our friends Red & Sandy celebrate their birthday! We loaded the boat with halibut, kings, sea bass and cod over two days.  We even had a "unicorn" catch!  20miles out we found a unicorn helmet floating and decided it would be the good luck charm for the Northern Goose.

Bob & Ray joined us for a fun filled 3 days on the boat and at the B&B.  They came up from Port Angles, WA right next door to where Captain Chris grew up in Sequim!  They had just gone in on a boat together and were looking forward to learning about fishing halibut so they could take some skills back home.  Little did they know that their captain has spent his whole life fishing the waters they will be!  Each day they filled the boat with multiple species, Bob brought up a giant Skate and Ray was able to hook a 62# halibut and get himself on the "2022 Wall of Fame!"

The Kottke family came out from Minnesota to fish for two days! This was their 5th time coming to Seldovia and Captain Chris was the 5th captain they had.  They were an absolute hoot!  Trista & Kaija decided that Captain Chris was to be treated as their sibling and gave him a fitting nick name "Sparky."  They filled the boat with more species each day than they knew existed.  On the first day they informed us that it was Tammy's birthday and that Trista would be celebrating hers in two days!  So of course we had to get in on the celebration! We had a post fishing BBQ that night and cake at the House on the Rock!  With a bloody deck and memories for they presented Ashley with a little something to remember the fun family from Minnestota...."Ope Sorry!"

Memorial Day brought the fog!   We had two groups of excited folks hop aboard and despite the sometimes only 20ft of visibility, Cole, Jeff, Hannah and Marc reeled up their limits of Kings in under an hour! Then they continued to fish their hearts out going for a well rounded mixed bag to take home limiting on halibut and getting into the cod and rockfish.

The Griswold crew joined us on the boat and stayed at the house on the Rock.  We all became great friends by the end our their stay and can't wait for their return.  Limits of halibut and tons of cod littered the boat when they were aboard.  They even reeled up a rock wearing a sea anemone hat! Smiles, shared laughs and lots of good food filled the 4 days they were here.

Lindy & Lowden were suppose to fish last year and the weather got the best of them.  We were so excited to help Lindy this season show her love of fishing with her son Lowdon and give him an unforgettable first time out!  The weather was amazing, sunshine all day and the whales put on a show, breaching completely out of the water and swimming along our boat for about 20min. Lowdon got to captain the boat and not just reel up his first fish, but tons of halibut and cod!  He loved "wacking" the fish when they got aboard.  Lindy was estatic that she was able to eat her whole lunch for the first time while out at sea, which was good because we packed her a BIG one! Smiles, sunshine and sea breeze!

Ron and Ken had planned this special Seldovia trip with their good friend/family member who they unexpectedly lost this spring much to early.  They decided to honor him and continue with their plans. We made sure to make the trip as special and memorable as we could!  The water was amazing, they got into the Kings and brought back limits along with halibut, rockfish and cod.

We hit the waters with Gordy from Wisconsin for a quick 1/2 day trip. He claimed we wouldn't catch any fish with him aboard and boy was he wrong!  Frist thing we got into were some BIG cod and boy was that fun seeing him reel those up.  We also got into the halibut and were able to send him with dinner for the family and meat to share with the community.

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