Our 5 day stay, including 2 amazing days of fishing were...incredibly...wonderful. Ashley and Chris are gracious, thoughtful, and generous hosts. They worked hard to give us a top-notch vacation experience! They are passionate and gifted, and they bring that to their guests with warm and friendly attitudes. I really love how they worked together, too. Arranging for the logistics of the trip was a bit challenging, but Ashley was very responsive and helpful. Chris put us right on the fish and we came home with a lot. The boat and house were comfortable. The food was really good too. Please don't read this or tell anyone, because we want to keep this all to ourselves!


Response from Seldovia Fishing Adventures and House on the Rock B&B Tony, we had so much fun hosting you! Thank you very much for the kind words. We hope you end up in our neck of the woods again!
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